It’s weird to think about how different lolita looks now then it did years ago. This OP, for example, is from Angelic Pretty. Hard to believe right? This is from 2003, 7 years ago and look how much has changed! But, the cool thing is that once a brand knows what works for them, they tend to keep it. For example:

The picture on the left is from 2001, and the one on the right is still up on Baby’s site right now! There’s some differences in lace, the addition of a petticoat, and much more professional photography, but this jsk has been released pretty much every year from Baby.

A lot of girls talk about how they miss the old style of lolita, the good old days of black x white. To me though, I really love how much the fashion has evolved. I don’t wear a lot of OTT Angelic Pretty myself, but the fact that the fashion is really changing and growing in such a way that brands have changed that much makes me really happy. I’m not going to be a special snowflake and tell you all that lolita deserves to be anything and everything that I want it to be or something crazy, but fashion does need to change over time in order to survive. However, it’s also good to know that brands keep the designs that are consistently useful and simple, or re-use designs years and years later. Our fashion has also changed in the fact that experimentation is more accepted. Something like Alice Deco ala Mode wouldn’t have existed years ago, and if it did we would probably all dismiss it as crazy and weird. So what do you girls think? Are you ultra-nostalgic for lolita days of yore? Or are you excited about everything new new new?