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An outfit I’d love to wear this week LIKE EVERY DAY
Dream Dress Coord
JSK, Shoes, Purse, & Socks: Innocent World
Everything Else: Offbrand

Sooo at first I wasn’t sure I’d post about this, because it involves some personal stuff about weight that I don’t really feel super comfortable talking about, just because it’s private stuff and this blog is really very public, so…yes. But, I couldn’t help it. This dress? This lovely wonderful dress that I’ve wanted for years? Is reserved for me at Closet Child. I’ve never gotten a dream dress before, and when I saw it on the site I reserved it immediately. But, there’s a bit of a snag. As is, it probably won’t fit me. I gained some weight this winter with the sinus infections and antibiotics and stress and just generally not feeling well. So, I’ve decided to lose some weight over the summer, and my darling boyfriend offered to buy this dream dress for me as inspiration and a definite goal. At the end of the summer if I’ve lost weight and it still doesn’t fit, then we’ll see what we can do about alterations or something, but for now I’m eating healthy, exercising, crossing my fingers, and waiting with crazy amounts of anticipation. Oh and plotting outfit ideas. I really love the thought of a bowler hat with this!