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Seeing as it’s already June, I figured I should get down to some wardrobe-building. I have quite a few jsks, but skirts are something I’m limited on, and are easy to make, so I figured I’ll whip up a few while I’m home. This one is the first of hopefully 3 or so, I have a lot of red gingham around and I thought it would be nice and summery to use for a skirt! I also hope to somewhat overcome my fear of my buttonhole foot and make a blouse or two. There’s also a few things I’d like to alter, so hopefully that’ll happen as well. I hope you guys like hearing about sewing progress, because I’m going to be posting about it for a while!

Also, I just put up a Glossary! It has a permanent home in my sidebar, just in case you’ve stumbled on this blog and don’t have any idea what an OP is or why I keep talking about Baby and not meaning an actual baby.