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So after you’ve gotten started on your wardrobe a few things are very important. Just throwing on clothes that match is really only getting half way there. After that, styling is important.
Accessories! Okay, totally my favorite part. The little matching pieces of jewelry, head accessories, shoes, bags, and even nails can really make a difference! The great thing about jewelry is it can be found really easily at local stores, or handmade. If you’re not crafty or having a hard time finding what you want, try looking around etsy! It’s a great way to support artists and plenty of cute, inexpensive finds. I buy most of my shoes and bags from Bodyline, their shoes can be a little hit-or-miss on sizing, but a quick search of the EGL LJ community will give you an idea of how the shoes you are looking at are sized.
Hair! Whether you’ve got a little or a lot of it, hair is important for lolita attire. It’s important that you make whatever style you have work with your outfit, not necessarily that it be the generic bangs, curly pigtails sort of idea. I love long, sleek hair with gothic, bobs with sweet, and teased out with braided details for classic. It’s all really a matter of personal preference though.
Makeup! Makeup is really important, especially if you’re going to be taking pictures of your lovely outfits! If you’re really new to makeup, go to a makeup counter and just ask them to do a really natural look for you, it’ll help to see what products work well and what shades to look for with your skin tone. After that, it is really important to coordinate with what you’re wearing. For example:

This is great for gothic, nice dark eyes with a winged eyeliner, and a quirky pop of color for the lips.

Pictures scanned by: thevisual-beast
And this would look better with sweet, long lashes for a wide-eyed appeal, and light, bright colors for accents.
It is important to note though, that a fairly natural look always works. If you’re not comfortable with makeup, don’t go out of your way to do big fancy styling, just stick with simple and clean looking.

These topics are a little difficult to address on a broad scale, because everyone’s make-up and hair needs are really pretty specific, so if there’s any question in particular you’d like help with, feel free to comment or ask me on my formspring. This pretty much wraps up my Lolita 101 series! I hope this has helped those of you interested in the fashion, but intimidated by just how much information is out there. Thanks so much for reading!