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So I picked up a few things at Animazement to share! First is my new cell phone strap:

Which is Minnie from Disney Sea at Tokyo Disney. I’m a sucker for anything Disney, as most of you know, and Tokyo Disney gets the coolest stuff. This is from their parade, The Legend of Mythica, which involves boats and fountains and all sorts of crazy things. Mostly though, it’s Minnie dressed up like a princess, which I love.
I also got some stationary:

It’s a pretty large memo pad, and it’s fairy tale themed! Perfect for writing to my dear friend Allison, who will soon become my overseas penpal when she leaves to study abroad in Germany in August! My favorite part is that all the fairy tales are mixed up, it’s not just a sheet per fairy tale:

My other news for the day is that my little blog has hit 25,000 hits! so, as promised, a freebie for all of you! It’s a wallpaper this time, 1280 x 1024, but if you’d like it in a different size, just let me know!

Credit goes to thevisual-beast for the Alice Deco scans, they’re really excellent! I’ll definitely be getting back to the Lolita 101 posts sometime this week, and expect a return to my normal weekly posts as well!