After you’ve done your research and started to identify what lolita is really supposed to be, you can start to accumulate stuff! First off lets cover a few things about buying lolita:
Yes, it’s expensive This is the most common thing I get from new lolitas is sticker-shock. My best advice is to shop offbrand. I’ve done some posts about this before, but also consider Bodyline (the good stuff, not the stuff with cat ears), Fan Plus Friend, Anna House, from Taobao shops, and buying used. Sewing is also an option, I’ve made some of my favorite pieces.
Be careful who you buy from Check the EGL LJ Community for reviews of whoever you buy from. Avoid places like Milanoo, crappy Ebay stuff, and anywhere that steals brand pictures like the plague.
Start with the basics! When you first start off, especially if you’re looking to wear lolita for a while, not just as con-wear or something like that, you want to get started with basics. Like so:
Starting a Wardrobe

Basic blouses, preferably with detachable sleeves, in black and white, are a great way to start out. A few skirts and some matching shoes gives you a couple of great outfits and something to build off of. Don’t forget accessories either! Socks and tights are pretty much a must-have, especially if you’re just starting out, and something for your hair really finishes off the look.
Next Time: Going from there…