This is going to kick off a series I like to call Lolita 101. Think of it as a pretty comprehensive guide for getting started in lolita fashion. When I started this blog, I was already a long-time lolita and wore it every day, so I didn’t really think about starting with broader beginner things. I really like helping out lolitas who are just starting out, so I thought I’d do this!

So you’ve happened upon some lolita stuff and have decided to become a lolita. The first thing to do is to really make sure you’re into this sort of fashion! There can be drama and cattiness, as well as reactions from the general public at seeing such odd clothing, and it’s a bit of a commitment of time and money, so you want to make sure this is really the fashion (and subculture!) for you.

Look at stuff. Not even real research yet, just look at brand websites (there’s an excellent list at Avant Gauche), Daily Lolita, hell even a google image search of “lolita fashion” these days will get you some good examples. See the full range of the fashion, and acquaint yourself with the aesthetic.
Find your local community. Attend a panel at your local con maybe, or just find your state/country on LJ and see what they’re up to, look at meetup pictures, and maybe even friend a few girls. Another option if there aren’t many girls in your area is to find a loli mentor. I know if I had a mentor lolita when I first started out I wouldn’t have been an ita for so long haha.
BE PATIENT Whatever you do, don’t just jump in head first and start sewing or buying anything you find. It’s not going to end well.

Next time: Research, Research, Research!