WTF(s) of the Week:
Do you guys remember a couple weeks back when I made this post about the really unflattering Angelic Pretty blouse? Well it’s turned into an epidemic.

All the same vein of unfitted tops. WEIRD. Cable.zombie commented last time that it might be trying to pick up on a mori girl vibe, and with this huge influx of loose tops, I’m definitely going to agree. I think though that a sugary sweet brand picking up on mori ideas doesn’t work so well, it just makes it look…kind of sloppy? I do think these would probably be more comfortable in the summer weather, tight-fitting lolita is not always most comfortable in situations like that. Also, maybe the dresses would look better (dare I say it!?) without a petti? What do you guys think?

I’m so sorry for the lack of interesting content these past couple of weeks. I have been absolutely swamped with getting con-ready. I do have kind of a neat post coming up in the next couple of days though, so watch out for that!