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Okay so this was at the Renaissance Faire, not actually cosplay, but it’s still me in costume!
So as both a cosplayer and a lolita there are some conflicts, but there are also some really awesome crossover things. So I thought I’d talk a little about it, in case any of you wonder how to balance both lifestyles. An obvious concern is budget lolita and cosplay can get very pricey, especially if you do both quite frequently. I only go to a few conventions a year, considering I’m not in the best location to get to many anyway, which helps to limit the cost because I only make a few new major cosplay outfits a year. I also try and use stash fabric and wigs, which is something I do with lolita too.

Another issue is time I find especially at conventions it can sometimes be hard to budget my time with lolitas and my time doing other things. At the start of every con I get the program and circle everything I want to go to so I can figure out when to be where.

Another thing is keeping lolita out of cosplay. I have to be honest that I really avoid lolita-like characters. I go for girly costumes yes, but things that could be misconstrued as lolita by a passerby I tend to avoid. A lot of anime fans don’t know enough about lolita to see the difference, and I’d hate to mislead the public haha. I do wear my lolita to conventions, but I try and keep the two as separate as possible and if anyone talks to me about it, to emphasize that I do wear lolita as normal clothing, not as cosplay.

But there are also awesome things, like sewing skills are useful for both, as do jewelry making and wig styling! There’s also quite a bit of crossover between people who love lolita and people who love cosplaying, I’ve met quite a few girls that share those same interests as I do. I also find that cosplayers, or I guess people who attend anime conventions in general are a lot more quick to ask questions about where my clothing is from, or how to get involved in lolita fashion. Obviously, cons are also just a very accepting place, I’ve certainly never felt out of place in my ruffles!