It’s noob season you guys. Officially. schools are starting to be out for summer, and more and more new lolitas will find the EGL LJ Community and ask the same questions over and over again. And in turn, we will point them in the general direction of everything ever, tell them to be good little noobies and read things before posting, and then someone or other will add a macro or two if it’s a really obvious question like “I’m black, can I be a lolita?” or “I have short hair! Can I be a lolita?” And we will go on with our days, not even thinking about it.

I think though, that most of these interactions I think are the starting point of why people think lolitas are total bitches. That’s right you guys. We’re total man-eaters, seeking to smush all feelings of happiness in new lolitas. Or at least, that’s how a lot of them view us. Which is strange to me as I never had that phase as a young lolita. The girls on EGL were always very helpful, supportive, and provided good criticism in a polite way when I desperately needed it. There have of course been the occasional comment that kind of piss me off. Things that aren’t even good criticism like “I don’t like your hair.” or “Your socks don’t match.” and that’s all they’ll say. But as a whole, I’ve learned a ton from being part of the EGL community.

We’re also apparently drama-mongers. Which I think is just silly. When I can name maybe 10 scammers, just outright crazy people, or trolls from the thousands of lolitas out there, I’d say we have a pretty damn good track record. Plus, you have to think about the demographic. We’re all probably somewhere between 14-30 for the most part, and almost entirely women. There’s going to be gossip, and there’s going to be drama. That’s just how it is. However, I’ve never seen any serious drama go down amongst my local group of girls. We’re all very polite to one another and certainly none of us are elitist brand crazies or anything like that.

So, in short, I guess just don’t judge lolitas by the rumors. Read up on things before starting out or asking questions. It also helps to have a niche, a smaller community than EGL or Daily_Lolita where you feel more comfortable. When I started out I was pretty active in a loli graphics community, because it was something I was familiar with and could explore ideas from there. We’re not all crazy bitches, I promise.