The other day I embarked on a mission for curly hair! My hair is pretty short, so getting the underside in rollers doesn’t work too well, and I’ve never had much luck with heat-setting, like curling irons or hot rollers, so I thought I’d try pin-curling. All you really need is a lot of bobby pins, more for thicker/longer hair and less for thinner/shorter, and a bit of patience. You start out with a damp head of hair, not too wet or it won’t dry all the way, and then curl a small strand around your finger and pin it to your head! There’s a bunch of great tutorials on YouTube, it’s not hard but it does take a little bit of time.

Me with a full head of pins, by the light of a computer haha. Probably while watching Star Trek. I’m so rori.Sleeping on the pins was not super pleasant, but totally worth it in the end.

The results! This is after taking them down and combing them out a bit. A nice puffy set of curls!

After a picnic meet-up, some walking around campus, and lots of wind! It’s relaxed a little bit, but still pretty curly and puffy!

The conclusion: totally awesome. I love the puffy curls it gave me, it meant I didn’t have to resort to any hair-damaging heat or invest in any rollers, and the curls held really well. I’ll definitely be doing this more often.