That’s right boys and girls! Even though it’s only April, we’ve had several days in the high 80s and into the 90s already here in NC, so I thought I’d start talking about not melting your ruffles off in the heat! Here’s a few outfits to demonstrate:
JSK & Roses: Victorian Maiden
Bag & Parasol: Innocent World
Everything Else: Offbrand

Less is more. Some jsks look just lovely without blouses, and cute decorated peeptoe flats are just enough interest to balance an outfit! Don’t forget sun protection, a hat or parasol not only cool you off but keep your face from getting all red!
Daisy, Daisy
OP & Wrist Cuffs: Baby
Bow & Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: QutieLand
Everything Else: Offbrand

Accessorize! Wearing less stuff means less visual interest, so things like wrist cuffs can help to make things a little more fancy. Cute floral jewelry can help too!
Gothic Summer
JSK: Moi-Meme-Moitie
Shoes: Mod Cloth
Hair Clips: Forever 21
Water Bottle: Sigg
Everything Else: Offbrand

Be Careful!Make sure to wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for any extended period of time, carry a hand fan, drink lots of water, and most importantly, if you feel unwell go back inside!

Hopefully this is helpful! Summer I think is the hardest season to dress for as a lolita, and up until recently it really wasn’t considered acceptable to go without a blouse or tights, so I’m glad those thoughts are easing up a bit. I’d rather go without a blouse than suffer from dehydration or over heat!