So today I woke up and went to put on my Alice in Sweets Land JSK when I realized that dye had leaked into it from the bra I had worn at the meet-up. Teal and pink. All over the back and under the arms. Naturally, my reaction is to freak out. It was my first brand dress, and one of my favorites. So I put my Regimental Stripe JSK and head to class, taking deep breaths and hoping maybe there’s some chance the dry cleaners can do something about it. I get through class, go to sit in the common room and talk to some people, maybe doodle a little to make myself feel better. And I did feel a bit better, until I realized that I’d gotten pen ink on my dress. Yup, that’s right folks, two brand dresses stained in one day. So I change, yet again, and my boyfriend offers to take me to the dry cleaners to see what I can do about these stupid stains. On my way down to his car, One of the side buckles on my white Bodyline heart buckles breaks. And then the dry cleaners says there’s nothing they can do about either of the dresses.


I’m going to try and get a second opinion from another dry cleaners and maybe try some home-remedies on the ink (any suggestions?) If all else fails, the skirt part of my Wonder Sweets Land jsk is intact, so I might make it into a skirt if I’m brave enough, or take it to a professional if I’m not. My shoes, in retrospect, have held up pretty damn well. I’ve had them for a year or so and worn them pretty much every other day. They’re also big on me, which puts extra strain on the side buckles, which is probably why it broke. It was just that on top of everything else.
If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat some unhealthy food and play some Pokemon to make myself feel better.