Because I wear lolita every day, I get a ton of comments, both good and bad. I did a post a while ago about how to deal with comments and some of the more strange ones. I thought it would be fun for this post to keep track of most of the comments I received for a week or so, just so you can see what a fairly average week is like.

The Good
“You’re an awesome lolita.” Uh…pretty much the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. I was just walking to class and this girl I didn’t know stopped me and said that. It just really made my day.
“You look just like pink lemonade!” A friend of mine said this to me, and one of the ladies who works at our cafeteria told me the same thing.
“You look like a peppermint nightmare. And that’s awesome.” This was a little bit odd, but she seemed really excited about my outfit, and it really made me laugh. (I was wearing my red Baby circus print for reference)
“You look like spring time!” Another cafeteria lady comment, they’re always so sweet to me.
“If it’s one thing I’ve learned from knowing you, it’s that pink matches everything.” Haha my friend Tommy said this one, one of my favorite comments to date.
“Your hair is amazing! Do you dress like this every day?” A girl stopped me in the cafeteria to ask about my hair and the way I dress, she was really nice.
“I just really want you to stand around outside my door all the time, your dress makes me so happy!” My friend Claire said this one, she really loves my yellow Meta OP.
Misc. These aren’t all the good comments I received, I didn’t bother to write down when people said I looked cute or anything like that. I’d say in general, if people bother to comment, 70% of the time it’s nice.

The Bad
“Lift up your skirt!” Yeah. I got that. I was walking back with some friends (thank god) and some guys wolf-whistled at me and yelled at me to lift up my skirt. I called them douchebags and walked off, but it really did shake me up a bit.
Cameras This isn’t a comment in particular, but I had two people that week (that I’ve noticed) take a picture of me on their phone. It happens pretty regularly, normally people pretend to text while they do it, which is dumb because any angle where you take a picture is not really conducive to texting. This week in particluar, one girl pretended to text at an odd angle and forgot to turn her phone noises off. So I heard a loud shutter click. Stupid.

“Isn’t that movie not out until March?” “Alice in Wonderland!” These were at two different occasions, and I was wearing my yellow OP both times. Alice comments don’t bother me, but it would be more sensible if I were wearing blue.
“Where are you from?” One of the weirder conversations I’ve had with a stranger. I don’t know if she thought I was from Japan because she recognized the fashion or if she thought I was wearing traditional clothes from somewhere. Weird.
“Mary Poppins!”I’m really beginning to think that people just do not remember what Mary Poppins looked like. At all. Because I get this one pretty often. Maybe I should just carry a picture of her around with me and be like “WUT?” I didn’t even have my parasol with me.

On a whole, most of the comments I get are good. If they’re not good, they’re typically just downright strange. Most people who think I dress like a crazy person just stare, or make comments to friends about me, they don’t really have the guts to say anything to my face, which is actually pretty nice.