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Well first just let me say, you’re welcome to have differing opinions from me. It’s just a movie after all, and if you liked or disliked it more than me, then that is perfectly fine! I just thought I’d give my proverbial two cents on the subject, since it’s been the topic of lolita conversation lately for obvious reasons. Also, this will probably be chock-full of spoilers so if you haven’t seen it and care terribly you might not want to read it.

It was better than I thought it would be, really it was. Which is not saying very much at all, because I had low expectations. The over-marketing of Tim Burton’s movies recently has really annoyed me, especially when his latest have certainly not been his best. The trailers were terribly misleading, touting Johnny Depp everywhere for the obvious appeal. It totally turned me off because while I like Johnny Depp, Alice’s name was in the title and she should probably be doing something. Thankfully, Alice does keep her role as a main character.

The blatant disregard for historical context bugged the hell out of me. I know, I know, it’s a movie. But that dress would have been tailored to fit with a corset, and would not have fit otherwise. Also, the ending was kind of dumb in that regard. She probably would have been disowned.

Anyway! Visually, it was lovely. I especially liked the Cheshire Cat effects. But story-wise it was just kind of…boring. Nothing surprised me, everything pretty much went according-to-predictable-plan. The characters were pretty flat. There are more nitpicky details I could get into, like how the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts are two completely different characters. Or griping about why no Alice adaptation keeps the Duchess (who I love) and why the hell they felt it necessary to put in that stupid dance. Overall though, the movie was just pretty and kind of uneventful. I’d categorize myself as pretty neutral towards the film actually, there are things that bugged me about it but I wouldn’t kill someone if I had to see it again.

I had an awesome time at the meet-up, by the by, it was great to see everyone and I totally yelled at a lady for taking like a million pictures without permission and that was awesome. Food was delicious, company was great, and the photographer got some cute pictures of me and my boyfriend Sam, which we were severely lacking of. So that makes me happy!