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Every season I seem to learn something new about making myself more comfortable, and while winter isn’t quite over yet, I have picked up a few tips to share!

SPACE BLOOMERS! I love them. Not only do they have an awesome print, but they’re also made of flannel. One of my biggest problems in the winter is keeping my legs warm. Layering socks helps, but petticoats hold my skirts too far out from the body to keep warm, so good bloomers are a must. These are just awesome.
Cardigans! Cardigans are super useful. I have couple different ones, but I wear my black one the most. They’re great for layering, which makes that weird freezing-cold-outside but really-warm-inside thing much easier.
Rain boots! We got much more snow than usual this year, and boy did rain boots come in handy for slushing my way across campus.

I am looking forward to warmer weather though, spring is such a lovely season for lolita!