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Valentine’s Dance Ouftit February 11, 2010

JSK & Bow: Baby
Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Offbrand

I wore this to our dorm’s Valentine’s Day Dance, hence the lack of blouse. I poofed up my hair, which was a lot of fun! I have plenty of hair, so I did it without hairspray or teasing or any of that mess. I might do a tutorial sometime, but I have pretty thick hair, so it might not work for everyone. I wish I’d gotten a shot of my makeup, I drew some little hearts in red on my cheek!

Stripes! February 15, 2010

JSK: Baby
Blouse & Shoes: Bodyline
Bow: Meta
Tights: We Love Colors

I love this JSK! So many coordinate possibilities, and it’s really nice and soft. It’s an interesting shade of pink too, not baby pink like most lolita, somewhere between pastel pink and a rosey tone. I’ll get a more true-to-color photo sometime!