Sometimes brands do strange, strange things. In honor of these strange, strange things, I’ve decided to start my WTF of the Week! Every week I will find some crazy brand items and share them with you dear readers, and first on the proverbial chopping block is this little gem:

Why yes, that is a fur skirt! Heart-E made this little gem and oh just wait till you’ve seen the back.

It’s not bad enough that it’s made entirely of fur. It has to have a tail. I’m guessing it’s a bear skirt. Or maybe a bunny? Roundish tails are rather nondescript. Regardless of whether or not you think this is as crazy as I do, you must admit that it wouldn’t be very comfortable. It’s one thing to make faux fur coats that are easily removed when inside, but it’s an entirely different story to make a skirt that will be fine outside in the winter, but stupidly warm inside. This little beauty is over at Closet Child, by the by, in case you’re dying to own it.