There’s been a lot of discussion around lolita blogs lately about princesses. I typically consider myself a lifestyle lolita, not because I changed myself to be one, but because I’ve always enjoyed things that are typically related to being a lifestyle lolita. I like tea, Jane Austen novels, Disney princesses, and baking. But I’ve always enjoyed those things, and I think it’s silly just to change your hobbies and interests to match a fashion. Along with those girly habits, I also like sci-fi movies, zombies, cracking dirty jokes, and swearing like a sailor. I don’t consider myself a princess. And while I enjoy fairy tale prints, I don’t think that princesses and women in fairy tales in general are good role models for little girls. I also don’t think much harm can come from liking them as long as you’re aware of that fact, however. I grew up loving princessy things (along with Ninja Turtles and Legos) and I’ve never really had “Prince on a white horse” sort of ideals, relationships take work and time and trust, and those things don’t come from 5 seconds on a horse with some guy you don’t know. But! I always loved the illustrations in fairy tale books. The beautiful gowns, the fairies, the chubby-cheeked animals, were entrancing to me as a child and still somewhat are.

Really, I like princesses. I like fairy tales. I think especially as lolitas we can enjoy them without trying to live them.