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Well, the year is winding down and as such, I thought I’d talk about this year a little bit. Here are some of my favorites for the year:
Favorite Fancy Coordinate:

Birthday party outfit! I wore this dress a lot this year, to Disney, to class, sitting around the house…But this was definitely my favorite use of it. I had an excellent birthday, and I wish those shoes were more comfortable haha. I’d wear them more!

Favorite Casual Coordinate:

I really love this outfit. I really love this skirt in general actually, it’s one of my favorite items. The print is so bright and cheery, and it’s got almost a Emily Temple Cute sort of casual vibe, which I think is awesome.

Things I did this year that were awesome:
Cut my hair! I love having it short.
Went to Disney World! It was a million degrees, but totally worth it.
Went to quite a few meetups! I think at least 3 or 4 this year. It’s been awesome to get to know lolitas in my area and eat delicious food and do fun things!
Broadened my wardrobe! I’ve started wearing lolita pretty much every day again, which has been lovely. I’ve also met a couple of people around campus interested in the fashion by just wearing lolita, which has been cool.
Started Lolita 365! It’s been difficult to keep up with, I will admit. Taking a picture of something themed every day is more difficult than you’d think! But it’s also been really fun, and I enjoy the challenge.
Started this blog! I feel like I’ve been blogging here for years already, but I only just started in May! I’ve really enjoyed posting here, and getting feedback from you, dear readers!

Here’s to a great new year!