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I don’t know about you but yesterday and today are my “omgquickwrappresents” days. As I was wrapping my gifts for my friend Allison and I’s 12-Days-of-Christmas exchange, I discovered a pretty easy way to make little bows that look like fabric bows, rather than the loopy kind that normally are used in gift wrap. So I thought I’d share a tutorial!

Wrapping Paper Scraps

Step 1

Decide about how big you want your bow, and cut a strip of wrapping paper about the same height and twice as long as you want your bow.

Step 2

Turn your strip upside down and fold both ends to the center and tape them. Don’t crease your paper though! You’ll want it to stay puffy.

Step 3

Here’s a little tricky part, you want to cut two swoops on both the top and the bottom, so you have a shape like this. It might take a few tries to get used to this part, but don’t worry!

Step 4

Cut another thin strip of paper.

Step 5

Wrap the smaller strip around the middle of your bow and tape it in place.

Step 6

Voila! A puffy bow for your packages. For mine I made some little tags with dates on them, threaded them on some ribbon, and taped that to the back before using a loop of tape to stick it to my packages.

Happy gift-wrapping!