The most common thing I hear from people who really like the fashion but don’t wear it is, “I really love it but it’s just so expensive!” And if you wear nothing but brand, I suppose that’s true. For a lot of us though, there’s quite a few ways to save money and still look awesome.
Shop off-brand! I’m the biggest proponent of this as most of you know. There are so many cute finds out there! I don’t just mean strolling around the mall either (though I heartily recommend it!) buying from places like Bodyline, Fan Plus Friend, Candy Violet, and others are excellent ways to save a bit and still get good quality stuff!
Buy used! Most used lolita clothes are still in excellent condition, and buying gently used things can really cut costs down.
Craft! Learning to sew makes things not only much cheaper, but super rewarding. Making jewelry and accessories is really fun too, and allows you to personalize your clothes!
Learn to mend! Don’t give up your favorite blouse just because a button is missing or let go of a cute pair of socks because of a small hole! Learn to mend your clothes. It’s a useful skill in lolita and in general!