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I got a package from Bodyline today! So I thought I’d do a review.

The bag everything came in.

Everything all together! I’m a little disappointed in the lack of shoebox, it seems a little weird, but the shoes were unscathed, so I suppose it’s not too big of a deal.

Shoes! These are Shoes 148. I don’t have anything brand in pink to compare them to, but I can tell you that they are almost the exact same color as my pink DS Lite if that helps hahaha. Every girl needs a good pair of shoes to match her gaming system.

These are super cute, veeeery tall, and fairly comfortable (especially for the height.) There weren’t any physical issues with them that I can see either!
Quality: 5/5

This is Bag 096 in pink of course! It’s super cute, fairly large, and looks pretty durable! The little pull is a strawberry bell, there’s an inside and an outside pocket, and the strap is adjustable. Nothing much else to say really!
Quality: 5/5

This is Bag 086. The straps are pretty cheap pleathery stuff, but after carrying my school books in it I can say that they’re pretty durable. No pockets, pretty roomy, and cute glittery details. Plus, it was only $6, so I can’t really complain!
Quality: 4/5

This is G1161. It’s an off-white knit, with detachable sleeves and the bow is detachable as well. It’s not quite an ivory, but definitely not white-white. I was really relieved that the lace wasn’t terrible. Here’s a closeup:

And the lacing in the back:

A couple of small complaints, the detachable sleeves are a little tighter than the shorter ones, which makes them a little uncomfortable. The lacing in the back also had a HUGE amount of ribbon, as you can see in the picture of the back. Not a terrible thing, and easily fixed, just a little strange. Here’s a shot of it on with sleeves and bow:

And one without:


I can’t find this actual item on Bodyline’s site anymore, they changed the headwear navigation all around and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. If anyone knows where it’s gone, do tell me! It’s pretty cute, a little pancakey on the head, but nice quality lace, fabric, etc. The ribbons again are super long, but that’s easily solved. Here’s a picture of it on:


I was most excited about this dress! It’s G1074 and it’s absolutely lovely! I had seen it around daily_lolita a few times and it’s such a unique design that I thought I’d scoop one up! It is a lower waist than most dresses, and it’s a lovely sort of dark teal color. The front bow is detachable, and I think I might just take it off and use it as a headbow for days I don’t want to wear my round headdress. Here’s a closeup of the bow:

And the top without the bow:

And of the shirring and lacing on the back:

The lacing this time was not super long, just a reasonable normal length! It’s got a side zipper, and is unlined, but the fabric is nice and soft so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Overall Quality: 5/5
Not all of it was perfect quality, but certainly great quality for what I payed! The jsk especially is really beautiful, and everything else is really lovely and well made.
Shipping: 4/5
It was free shipping, so that was awesome, and it did come in just a few days, but I would have liked a box for my shoes.
Communication: 5/5
I didn’t need any extra communication, so that’s a good sign!

You totally get more than what you pay for with Bodyline. It is important to be careful and choose items that look nice from the site, but for how cheap it is it’s really awesome quality! I hope this helped people, I know I was having a hard time finding reviews for some of these items, so I hope it’ll be helpful!