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Are you having a bad Lolita day? We all have them. Someone says something rude or you get one too many awkward glances or someone makes a bad comment on something you posted and your whole day just kind of crumbles. But not to fear! Here’s a little love to cheer you up!
You are beautiful! Spread the love with others at Operation Beautiful. Making other feel lovely makes you feel lovely too!
You are talented! Do some crafting, being productive while making beautiful things is one of my sure-fire way to make my day 100% better. Coloring is extremely therapeutic and makes for great stuff to hang on walls. Knitting and crocheting are excellent for the cold weather slowly descending upon us! Baking is just plain delicious, and excellent for sharing with others! Nothing brightens someone’s day like a home-made cupcake.
You are not alone! Plan a meetup and share all your best stories about stupid things people have said to you about your lolita clothes. Make lolita valentines to each other and munch on super-cheap post-Halloween candy!

I hope that this has brightened your day! It’s tough sometimes to be different, but keep your head high!

Also, I’ll have my next batch of Lolita 365 photos up in the next couple of days! Sorry it’s taken so long, it’s been a hectic couple of days!