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Fall Plans
JSK, Cardigan: Baby
Stockings: Betsey Johnson
Boots: Meta
Jewelry: Maria Glace
Everything Else: Offbrand

Well, as much as I should be writing another draft of a memoir and studying for an English test tomorrow, I am instead just being generally excited about Fall. It’s my favorite, favorite season, so I thought I’d throw together how to make a smooth transition into the cooler weather without breaking the bank.

Invest in some boots. Okay the boots above are probably not the best example for this, but a good sturdy pair of neutral-colored boots will not only get a lot of use, but also keep your legs warmer on those chilly days.
Cardigans are your friend. A really easy way to make a more summery jsk automatically cool-weather ready is just by wearing it with a cardigan. It’s nice for class too, I don’t know about the rest of you but a lot of my classrooms are pretty frigid.
Cozy legwear! Trade in your knee socks for over-the-knee socks, thigh-highs, or tights. You’d be surprised just how much warmer you’ll feel just by covering your knees.
Haaaats. Berets, especially lacey knit berets, are everywhere these days. And not only do they keep your head warm, they’re also super cute. Don’t be afraid to spruce them up with a brooch or a pin-on bow so they better match your outfit!