I might preface this by saying that due to living in the dorm, my wardrobe is limited to mostly seasonal things, so I don’t have any outerwear or anything because it’s not cold enough! Also, some of my more intense pieces (dino loli, wigs, headdresses) are left at home because I simply don’t use them on a day-to-day basis. That being said, here is my wardrobe! Or at least most of it. Enjoy!

Colors! These are all hand-made.

Black! Handmade, H&M (Still not sure if this is lolita-enough for me, but it’s a cute dress), Baby. Doing this made me realize that I own ABSOLUTELY NO OPs. I think it’s because I like the infinite coordinating possibilities that jsks offer. …or making straps is easier than sewing sleeves. Take your pick.


Black and white! Lets see…uh…Vintage, some department store, Delias, Goodwill, some department store, Target, and Sick for Cute.

…I suddenly realized after seeing this picture that I own nothing but pink and black shirts. WEIRD. I need to rectify this situation. From a friend, Goodwill, Target, some department store, some department store.


All handmade except the plain black and white ones, which are H&M and Old Navy, respectively.

Hair Stuff

All my hair stuff! All off-brand from random places.

All off-brand except for the pink ones, those are Bodyline. These are certainly not all my socks, but most of the interesting ones. Some are in the wash too.


Katherine Von Zeeland, H&M, Vivienne Westwood Knockoff, and Bodyline. The bodyline is my school bag :D


The gingham is an umbrella, I think it’s a totes. The white is my Innocent World parasol, and the black is an umbrella from H&M.