I realized today that I go about wardrobe-building almost entirely backwards. I find pieces that I really love and snatch them up, never really caring about whether or not they’re going to be useful to me. So in an effort to get better at this, I thought I’d do a little post about wardrobe-building and maintaining.

Start with Basics Purchasing a random JSK with a intricate border print in a strange color is probably not the best idea. Investing in plain-colored blouses, preferably with detachable sleeves, fairly plain skirts, and basic black or white shoes are always good bets.
Build with Accessories It’s easy to make several different outfits just by changing up socks, hair accessories, and jewelry.
Add the Weird Later You might not get the most use out of a wa-lolita dress or an outfit in a style you don’t normally wear. So it’s important to limit those sorts of purchases if you plan on wearing lolita every day or even a few days a week.
Remember to Buy Off-Brand An easy way to broaden your wardrobe is by buying cute t-shirts, blouses, and accessories off-brand.