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So I’m an English major, for those not in the know, and I’ve been using some heart-shaped post-its to use for bookmarks this semester, but I’m going through them like crazy! So I thought I’d whip up some easy, fairly sturdy, bookmarks really quickly and share them with you!

Your picture!
Clear Contact Paper

Contact paper is wonderful stuff. It’s like giant sheets of clear adhesive laminate, so it’s excellent for anything you want to be able to clean off or want a little extra sturdiness. It’s normally used for things like lining cupboards, so if you have trouble finding it at your local Target or Walmart, it’s probably near kitchen cleaning supplies. Make sure you get the clear kind!

Step 1
Cut out your images! One for the front and one for the back, though it’s not super necessary. It just makes it pretty on both sides!
Step 2 Cut out pieces of contact paper a centimeter or two bigger than your images, and peel off the paper backing. Lay sticky-side up.
Step 3 Carefully place one of your images face-down on the contact paper and smooth it out. Place the other image face up on top of the first, and very carefully (it takes a little practice) lay the second piece of contact paper over top, sticky side down of course.
It should look like this:

Step 4 Trim the edges of your contact paper! I just eyeballed it, but you can measure it out as well.
Step 5

…that picture makes it look like I’m missing the tip of my middle finger. It was just curled under, I promise! Make good use of it! They’re pretty sturdy, but you could also sandwich some poster board cut-to-size between the images if you want a super strong bookmark.

Here are a few bookmarks I put together for you! Click on the thumb for the full image.