My dear friend Allison gifted me with this lovely set for organizing my accessories! She decorated them herself, aren’t they just adorable? Before I go back to school I’m going to fill them with jewelry and things. And while I might not be the most organized person on the planet, I thought I’d share some tips with you that I try and follow and seem to work pretty well!

Clear plastic is your friend. I use something like this to keep my larger accessories in. Hats, headbands, gloves, winter stuff, all fit pretty nicely. Plus, you can always see what’s in which drawer.
Hang things up. I used to fold my blouses and things, but it’s so much easier just to stick things on hangers. I still fold up t-shirts and the like, but every thing else is hung up. It helps to keep wrinkles at bay too!
Don’t forget the little things! Like this little set, it’s important to keep jewelry and things organized and tangle-free. The last thing you want before a meetup is to not be able to find an earring!