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Sadly I had to miss a meetup I planned today because I woke up with a terrible stomach ache. But after a good long nap, some ginger ale, and spending most of the day lying on my couch watching Bones, I am feeling much better. I wish I could have gone though, sad :C

Anyway! I had a birthday party yesterday, and I baked about 40 cupcakes for it haha. There are some left over, so I thought I’d snap a picture. I like to think of the strawberry ones as the “good” cupcakes, and the chocolate ones as the “evil” ones. It doesn’t help that the chocolate ones were devils food. I’ve been playing with icing a bit lately, and I hope to learn some more. I also have quite the folder of recipes (especially for baked goods) in my bookmarks, so I thought I’d share a few goodies with you guys:

Cupcake Pops
Strawberry Layer Cake
Oreo Balls
Pie Pops