Recently I’ve been feeling a bit blah not so blah that I’m going to quit lolita, don’t you worry your pretty little heads! But I just feel like I need a bit more inspiration, you know? So I made myself up a list of things to try and spice things up a bit and I thought I’d share!

Spice up your legwear! And I don’t mean in the traditional lolita hearts or bunnies or what have you. How about birds, bones, or leopard print? The swirls I’m wearing up there are from Target a few years back!
Choose odd fabric! For those of you who sew! When you walk in the fabric store don’t head straight for flowers and fruits. You all know my love of dinosaurs, but how about sock monkeys, tattoos, or sexy cowboys? (Okay I’m totally joking with the sexy cowboys, but you get the idea!)
Use non-lolita clothing items! Shocking, I know. But sometimes the only thing that will get you out of a funk is using creative combinations of the very frilly and the very not. Try some stilettos, a motorcycle jacket, or something metallic. Experiment!

I hope these were helpful! Funks can be difficult, and make you feel like giving up on the fashion all together, but sometimes just a little experimentation can get you right back in the saddle.