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To be honest, this is kind of a cop-out of a tutorial, since I don’t have any in-progress pictures and it’s pretty straight forward, but I thought I’d post it anyway!
A box! I got mine from Micheal’s.
Acrylic Paint, it took a little over half of one of those little craft bottles of the pink, just for reference.
Ribbon/Strap of some sort I made mine just by making a tube of fabric
Thumbtacks (I used 4)

Step 1
Paint. Paint a lot. You can tape off certain bits if you like, but I just used a tiny brush on the edges. Make sure to paint the bottom:

and the inside!:

It helps to create a more finished look. That big blob on the inside right is actually a sticker we got at the pirate exhibition we went to for a meetup a while back.
Step 2
Secure your strap with a couple of tacks, just tap them in with a hammer. Mine look like so:

But you can arrange them however you feel it will be most secure.
Step 3
Decorate! here is one of Baby’s chest purses for reference, pearls, bows, rhinestones, anything will pretty much look cute! I chose a pretty plain look for time restrictive reasons, but if I ever decorate it more, you guys will be the first to know!