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Off-Brand Jewelry
Top Row (right to left):
Ribbon Charm Braceletfrom Wet Seal
Wild Flower Post Earringsfrom Urban Outfitters
Rose Ringfrom Charlotte Russe
Second Row:
Rose Hinge Cufffrom Urban Outfitters
Heart Pendant Necklacefrom Charlotte Russe
Rhinestone Bow Earringsfrom Forever 21
Cameo Pendantfrom Urban Outfitters

Jewelry is one of those things these days that you could walk into a store and trip over 20 different loli-able finds. Here’s a few ways to make sure you find them, just in case.

Look for popular motifs Flowers and bows have especially been making a comeback in jewelry lately, so they’re pretty easy to find. Hearts are always an easy bet as well. If you’re looking for something more specific like swans or cakes or what have you, the internet is probably a better place to look.
Consider a charm. If you’ve got an idea that’s a bit difficult to find, chances are some place on the internet will sell charms of it. You don’t have to keep a bunch on a bracelet either! Slip one onto a necklace or make some earrings out of them for something a little different.
Match your metals. Some people might not be as picky about this, but I always wear 3 silver rings, and I tend to try and wear jewelry in a similar silver tone. If your outfit is more classic, a nice antique-looking bronze might be nice. It’s really all about personal preference though.