I thought it might be useful to some of you who are avid letter-writers like myself if I made a little tutorial about stamp carving! It’s pretty simple, but I thought it might be fun!

A Notepad (or piece of scrap paper)
A Small Picture (smaller than an eraser)
A Stamp Pad
A Pencil
A Linoleum Cutter
An Eraser

Step 1
Before you print out your little picture, make sure to reverse it, just flip it horizontally in the program of your choice, this will make sure that when you use your stamp it won’t be backwards. Then just print it out and cut it out. (This little strawberry was from these AP Coloring book scans!)

Step 2

Take your little cut-out picture, flip it over, and color in the back with pencil.

Step 3

Place the pencil-covered side on the eraser, and trace it.

Step 4

Tada! Traced strawberry.

Linoleum Cutter!

These are all the lovely little attachments for your linoleum cutter, normally stored in hollow handle. Convenient eh?

Linoleum Cutter!

We’re going to use this…slice-y one for the next step.

Step 5

It’s much easier to both use and carve the stamp with the eraser cut down, so just chop off the excess with the slice-y attachment.

Linoleum Cutter!

Next you’re going to use the tiniest scoop-y attachment (I’m so technical)

Step 6

Carve out your stamp! This is a little tricky to get the hang of when you first start out, you might want to test it out on your extra eraser parts.

Step 7

Stare at your freshly-carved stamps to make sure you didn’t miss any bits.

Step 8

Test it! Mine worked pretty well the first time, but if you need to go back and carve a little more it’s no big deal, just wipe it off with a damp paper towel and carve some more!