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Lolitas are so very fond of fairytales! It’s hard to say why, but the childlike appeal would probably be at least some of the reason. My favorite was always Twelve Dancing Princesses because of all the dresses and the really lovely gold, silver, diamond trees. I quite enjoyed Snow White as a child as well, I think because she’s almost always depicted as very fair with black hair, like my mother. Here are some lovely fairytale-related odds and ends:

Super Buzzy’s Children section has an excellent selection of Japanese fabric with tons of fairytale prints, everything from Little Red to Humpty Dumpty, and even a couple with multiple stories!
Andrea Zuill has an excellent collection of free embroidery patterns offered on her blog, amongst them a unicorn & Pegasus set and a few other fairytale critters. She also sells prints of her charming artwork and other embroidery patterns at her etsy.
This amazing cake stand looks just like something Snow White would keep goodies on.

So my lovely lolis, go forth and make your day a little bit more like a fairytale. Just remember, don’t talk to strangers.