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I have a confession to make…I’m a sucker for snail mail! Getting a letter in my mail box just makes my day like nothing else. And for the past year or so, I’ve been writing letters back and forth to my dear friend Allison. That adorable San-X stationary will be winging it’s way off to her filled with aimless rambling come school-time. So here’s a few suggestions for you lolis wanting to start some traditional correspondence but lacking the inspiration!

Make envelopes out of scrapbooking paper! It’s easy to find templates on the internet, just print them out and trace them! A glue stick works just fine to put it together.
Stick little surprises in your envelopes! Sheets of stickers (for use on future letters!), small printouts of pretty photos, confetti, whatever floats your boat and will fit in an envelope!
Use rubber stamps! I have a set of typewriter-style letters that I use for signing my name, and a bunch of fancy decorative ones for outsides of envelopes or little bits of extra paper.
Keep a letter-writing list! I carry a moleskine with me (as I have mentioned previously, and will discuss more thoroughly later) and I keep a list of “Things I would like to include in my next letter…” and just add topics when they happen or when they dawn upon me. If you don’t carry a notebook, keep a list on your computer or cellphone.
Set a deadline for yourself! If you’re bad at returning correspondence, set a date to have your next letter done by or clear an hour or two in your schedule specifically for letter-writing.

And if you’re looking for things to buy to influence your letter-writing drive here are a couple suggestions:
Etsy’s Paper goods Section is an awesome place to find lovely handcrafted letter-writing supplies including note cards, scrapbooking bits and bobs, and everything in between!
All Things Kawaii has an excellent list of sources for cute Asian paper products!
The World’s Smallest Postal Service is possibly the cutest idea ever. They write tiny, tiny letters and put them in tiny, tiny envelopes, and mail them off in bigger envelopes with a magnifying glass so your lucky recipient can read them. So darling!

I hope that helps some of you looking for letter-writing inspiration! Expect some free stationary later on in the year, I tend to like to make my own and share it!