This has been a topic I’ve seen floating around this week, and I think it’s an interesting one to discuss. Thankfully, lolita is non-religious as a whole, and people of any religion can enjoy their ruffles. But, as it did originally derive from gothic styles, there are quite a few prints that include things like crosses or hymns. I personally don’t actively dislike prints with Christian motifs, a lot of the prints are really lovely. However, I just can’t see myself wearing them. Perhaps if it’s a smaller component of a dress, but certainly not if it’s a big shiny crucifix on it like the dress above from Juliette et Justine. It’s the sort of thing where I have no issue with it being in the fashion, it doesn’t bother me to see other people wear it, but I just can’t see myself wearing it.

Other thoughts on the subject:
I think it would be really cool to see girls of different religions incorporate their religion into patterns.
It’s also mildly puzzling to me as to why Alice and Pirates has religious prints. Pirates weren’t exactly the most church-going bunch. I suppose it’s to incorporate a more gothic feel, but it’s just mildly ironic to me.
I do approve of wearing lolita clothes to religious services though, especially if it’s a bit more toned down. And photoshoots in cathedrals? Gorgeous.