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So let me start out by saying I am a sucker for fonts. I have a ton on my computer, and I love to use them in all of my graphic design. If I can find an excuse to use a pretty font, I will. So! I thought I’d share with you all some of the lovely fonts I’ve acquired that I think are well suited for loli-use. Stationary, layouts, icons, wallpapers, all sorts of creative things. And! All of them freeware, so no digging cash out of your brand-fund.

Adine Kirnberg Script
This one is lovely for a more classical feel, I used it for the “M” on my profile image here.

Champignon is such a lovely, old-fashioned script. I initially downloaded it to use for a project for my mother, but I can’t help using it for all sorts of other lovely projects.

Cursif is just so cute. It’s perfect for the sweetest of sweet graphics.

Little Lord Fontleroy
Look familiar? I love the double-line to this font so much I used it on my header!

Something a little more gothy. Porcelain is nice and sketchy when you’re going for a darker look.