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We all dread it, the moment spring becomes summer and suddenly lolita isn’t so practical. Winter? Fine. Layer yourself up with ruffles and you’re warm as a cup of cocoa. But summer is more tricky. How do you maintain your modesty and still keep cool? Well here are a few tips for maintaining your loli loveliness in the summer heat.

Keep Hydrated This is so very important for life in general, but especially for a loli in the heat. A cute way to do this? Invest in an adorable water bottle! Sigg carries these three bottles, all Hello Kitty themed, super-durable, and eco-friendly!
Wear Less Dare I say it! But sometimes, when it’s 90 degrees outside and humid, a girl can only take so much! Wear knee socks instead of stockings, or no legwear at all. Opt for cutsews instead of blouses. Wear OPs or JSKs without blouses! So many ways one can still maintain some modesty and not pass out from heatstroke.
Experiment with Hair If your hair is long, keeping it up in buns or pigtails will keep it off your neck and make things a bit cooler! Or, invest in a sweet straw hat to keep the sun out of your eyes!
Invest in a Hand Fan Asian Ideas has tons of cute hand fans for cheap (I’d avoid the lace ones though) and La Bricoleuse has this excellent tutorial for covering fans if you’re of a DiY persuasion.

I hope this helps to relieve the heat a bit! If all else fails, stick to nice air-conditioned spaces and hibernate until fall!