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A few weeks ago I received some Bodyline stuff in the mail, so I thought I’d do a little review!

Cheap as in, about $50 with shipping for both the shoes and socks. Which is pretty amazing for cute shoes! The socks themselves were only $3! Awesome!
Pretty The quality is better than I expected. The metallic threads in the socks are a little itchy, but nothing so big that it affects wearing them. The shoes are sturdy, the stitching is fine, the buckles work perfectly! It’s not brand, obviously, but it’s not like Payless quality either.

Sizing BIG. I should have read the reviews on EGL, I’d order at least half a size to a full size smaller. But with an added insole, they’re pretty comfy.
Scuffing within like 10 minutes I already had black scuffs on my shoes! It’s to be expected that white shoes will scuff easily, but this is a little much. Thankfully, they’re mostly on the heel so they don’t show up too much in pictures.

I’d give them a 4/5! Nice quality, thus far pretty durable, fairly comfy and very cute! I hope this was at least a little helpful for people! I probably won’t feature reviews too often as I normally make my clothing, but I’ll at least try to do them when I do buy things!