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Me talking about something or other at the panel!

Another year, another Animazement, and I think this one went rather well! I got a good bit of cosplaying done, saw a lot of friends, and bought some completely unnecessary but awesome stuff (a post about my haul is coming, don’t worry!). After a lot of preparation and a pinch of nerves I’d say that my panel went over fine. No shouts of “YOU ARE SO MEAN, WHY CAN I NOT WEAR MY CAT EARS?!” , so I think I can say it went well. Next year I think I’ll talk a little more about lifestyle and what’s going on in the community today, but overall I think it was a pretty good introduction to what exactly being a lolita means. I also should share a bit of my cosplay, as it isn’t lolita but it is terribly girly.

For those not familiar, that would be me as Rose Bride Utena (the pinkest of the pink) and my dear friend Allison as Rose Bride Kozue (in the blue and teal). So much sewing and hot gluing and seam ripping and anger and silliness went into these, and I am generally thrilled with how they came out. So while this is a lolita blog, and I always keep my lolita separate from my cosplay endeavors, I could not help but share!