In a Loli's Purse...
In a Loli’s Purse… by meiki

What is it that you always have in your purse, and I mean always! There are quite a few things I can think of, so I threw together this little set! It includes:

Keys, Wallet, Cellphone! (the holy trinity of purse-fare, the things that you really can’t leave the house without)
Burt’s Bees! Few things are worse than a loli with chapped lips! I like the kind with pomegranate oil myself, it smells delightful!
Moleskine! If you’re like me and love to jot down notes and things, then Moleskines are for you. Expect a post about a Lolita’s relationship with her pocket notebook sometime soon!
Knitting! Entertainment wherever I am!

So what do you ladies think is necessary purse-fare? Bandaids? An address book? Tissues?