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An Outfit I’d Love to Wear This Week:
Casual Sea-themed Loli!
Casual Sea-themed Loli! by meiki
Shirt: Juicy Coture
Skirt: Metamorphose
Bows: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: New Look
Necklace and Bag: Random Off-brand
Socks: Forever 21

I thought I’d try this out, sort of a weekly thing. Every week I’ll post a polyvore set of a style or theme that I’m feeling that week and talk about it! My friend Kori finished a super cute sea-themed dress recently, and it’s got me thinking in anchors and patriotic colors. A bit casual as well, the next few weeks will be super busy for me, so something comfy sounds nice right about now.

Just so you know! I just moved back home for the summer, and I’m only going to be here for a week before leaving again! I’m going to New York to visit my grandparents for a few days after that, and then just after that I’m headed to Animazement. So I might not be able to post too much in the coming week or two. But have no fear! A post about my Animazement panel coming very soon!