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(I’d call it Galaxy Sparkle! And put little tiny crystals all over it.)

We’ve all seen them. Bunnies, strawberries, card suits, and florals. It’s pretty clear that lolitas love these sorts of prints, they’re omnipresent in brand and off-brand alike. While I love these prints myself, I think it’s important for us to branch out! So what would you ladies love to see printed on our frills? Here are a few of my top picks:

Stars! And other celestial themes, how cute would it be to have a constellation print in deep blues and silvers?
Birds and birdcages! It’s not terribly uncommon to see cage motifs in gothic, but some lovely bright prints with canaries or love birds in delicate swirly cages? How romantic!
Sewing supplies! Dressforms, spools of thread, needles, buttons, how perfect for a lolita that sews! I dream of finding the perfect sewing-themed fabric and whipping it into a one piece or jsk.
Robots! All in steel gray with all sorts of little rainbow knobs and buttons!
Words! Newspaper print or some lovely poetry printed in script?