In which she shares a Bodyline haul…


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So recently Bodyline had a shoe sale (it’s actually still going on!) And I’ve been needing a few basics shoe-wise for a while so I jumped on the deal and bought 3 whole pairs of shoes and threw in a couple of clothing pieces for good measure.

I actually went with all shoes I already own in different colors. Kind of boring, I guess, but I know that I like these styles and that they’re comfortable enough for convention/meetup wear so I went with what I know.


First off, my order came in a box! I’ve never seen one of these, so I was quite surprised.


Here’s a peek inside. Yup, shoe boxes!


Very impressive.


First up is a pair of SHOES272! I own these in cream and I love them. Just the right heel height and width to be elegant but comfortable.


I needed pink shoes so bad! I’ve had my old ones since my very first Bodyline order way back when and they were definitely getting worn out. Plus, they were so tall that they weren’t really working for me for more walking-heavy occasions. This pair of SHOES251 is just perfect for that. I’ve got these in black and I can comfortably fit some insoles in them for the ultimate comfy lolita convention shoes.


I was on the fence about these because I didn’t really need them in the same way that I was sorely lacking in brown and pink shoes, but I just couldn’t resist them. Even if they did make my shipping price double. These are SHOES194, and I’ve got a pair of them in red. Like my red ones, I plan on chopping off the straps. I haven’t had black RHS in so long, I’m very excited to coordinate some old school looks with them!


Along with shoes I picked up a few clothing things. These wristcuffs were for a friend so I just kept them in the packaging.


I grabbed a cute pink cutsew to wear with skirts!


Here it is out of the packaging. This is L410 and it’s in their blouse section but trust me, it’s a cutsew. The fabric is a nice lightweight knit, very soft! The lace is nice enough and the fit range is probably much bigger than the site suggests.


Here’s a shot of the back! Just a little corset lacing. I can tell this will be nice and comfy for more casual outfits. I’ll have to try it under a JSK at some point, I’m not sure how it will look.


I also grabbed a cute minty skirt!


This is their Cinderella Bunny print, L482 is the number. It’s cute! Even when in dire need of a steam. The print has a soft look to it and the designs are really sweet. Little prince bunny is my favorite.

Overall I’m very happy with my order. The shoes I already knew what to expect basically, but the sale prices were really nice and allowed me to fix up my shoe closet immensely. Plus some inexpensive cute pieces that I think will work into my wardrobe very well!


In which she shares a few outfits and an announcement…


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It’s been so long! I’m so sorry. I got swept up in a huge amount of sewing for Dragoncon and life has been really hectic. So here I am! Making a post!

I haven’t been wearing lolita super often for the past few months just because it’s been so hot. I’m really enjoying the cooling temperatures around here. I do have a few outfits from the past little while to share though. I don’t remember dates for all of these, but I do remember what order they went in.

  • IMG_2813OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Socks: Innocent World
  • Bag: Baby
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bow: Makelovely Designs

An old school coordinate! I love these socks. I really want some in every color now.


I wore this for a nice meetup of antiquing and food. It was really fun! We pretty much all wore black ironically, despite the blazing summer sun. I finally got around to finishing this JSK, I’ve been sitting on the fabric for a little while now. I’m super happy with how it turned out, but I’ll have to get better pictures. It’s hard to see the details with all that floral!


Just a bit of a fall outfit for one of our first cool days in a loooong time! I love this vest, it matches so many things.

The other thing I have to post about is the opening of my shop! For now I’m planning on selling mostly accessories, and currently it’s mostly full of bows and headbands for your browsing pleasure.

I’ll definitely be posting more often now that the weather’s a bit cooler! I’ve got a Halloween outfit already in the works for a meetup in early November. I hope you all are doing well!


In which she shares some Animazement fun…


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Whew, it’s been a little while! I’ve been so preoccupied with cosplay sewing I haven’t had much free time. But for now things have calmed down a little bit, and I can share some of the fun I had at Animazement.



First things first! Thank you to everyone who attended my panel with my good friend Heather, Lolita on a Budget! If you’re interested in downloading the presentation just click here! It’s got a lot of good info, and I think most of it is pretty self explanatory.

Onto some outfits!


        • Skirt: Meta
        • Tights: Forever 21
        • Bonnet, Cutsew, Hair Clips, Most of the Jewelry, Sash & Rosette: Handmade
        • Shoes: Payless (painted by me)
        • Headband: Sweet Mildred
        • Necklace: Angelic Pretty
        • Bag & Underskirt: Offbrand

I like to call this my “Squirrel Princess” coordinate! When I first got my Squirrels with Typewriters skirt I had the silly idea to do a really fancy coordinate with it, and I figured a convention is as good a time as any to make a silly fancy coord!



Here’s my head stuff! Yup. Those are squirrels. I bought some little squirrel figures from Amazon (they’re Schleich if anyone is interested in putting small animals on your head) and attached them to hair clips.


I am particularly proud of my rosette. they’re very fun to make, and I found this fabulous fancy scrapbooking sticker of a typewriter for the center. The sash is just a few ribbons and some lace sew together.


And jewelry! I found some typewriter keys also in the scrapbooking section, so I made a ring (“s” for squirrel!) and a bracelet (it says “meta”) and I put a little squirrel charm on there too, for good measure.

Altogether, I think it came out wonderfully! The little details make it extra silly but aren’t noticeable right off the bat, so it’s not to OTT.


          • JSK, Bag: Baby
          • Socks, Parasol: Innocent World
          • Blouse, Wristcuffs, Bloomers, Headdress: Bodyline
          • Shoes: E-bay

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday, super old school! I’ve been piecing this one together for a little while. Slowly but surely I’m accumulating more and more old school, it feels like dressing like the lolita I wanted to be when I first started. I should have gotten a better shot of these shoes, they’re HUGE! To be honest, I wore flats most of the day, these were just too uncomfortable after 2 days of con. But they’re amazing for pictures! They make me as tall as my boyfriend haha.


And for good measure, here’s the cosplay sewing I was slaving over! Tomoyo and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura! These are artbook outfits, we wanted something very matchy-matchy. I’m so pleased with how they came out.

Things are calm for a little while now, but I’m starting sewing plans for Dragon Con so it’ll still be busy around here!


In which she shares a few recent outfits…


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I haven’t been wearing lolita as much as I would like lately, but I do have a few outfits to share!

Daily Outfit April 16, 2014:



  • Shirt: Tee Fury
  • Skirt: Meta
  • Tights & Necklace: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Vintage
  • Bracelets & Hair Clips: Claires
  • Belt: Amazon

A nerdy casual coordinate for dinner out with friends! I would have liked a little something more substantial for my hair, but I don’t really have much like that in cream. I should make myself a hair bow.

Daily Outfit April 19, 2014:



  • JSK & Bow: Baby
  • Blouse & Socks: Bodyline
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Parasol: Innocent World

Something cute for a picnic on a nice spring day! I wore some flats so I could slip them off easily while sitting on the ground, and a lighter petticoat for the same reason. It worked out well, and we had a lovely time!


Daily Outfit April 26, 2014:



  • OP: Meta
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bonnet: Handmade

I got this OP a little while ago from Lace Market, it’s an old Meta piece and I just love it to bits! I’ve been very fond of old school pieces recently, and this one is my new favorite. It’s a lovely shade of spring green, and the giant collar is just too pretty. I made the bonnet out of a straw hat to match, I was really excited to find ribbon in the perfect shade of green. This was for my local comm’s Easter meetup, which was so much fun! There were a lot of lolitas and it was so good to catch up with those I knew and get to know some that I didn’t! I was also super lucky, I got some really awesome prizes for finding a sparkly egg and in the raffle. All around, it was a great day!

I’m hoping to get a chance to wear lolita more often in the next few weeks, and I’m most looking forward to Animazement later this month! I’ve got a costume planned, and I’m working on pulling together some lolita outfits as well. I’m also pleased to say that I’m hosting a panel with my good friend Heather! We’re running a panel about being a lolita on a budget on Sunday at 1 pm. We’re ironing out the details on our presentation now, it should be great!


In which she shares a casual outfit for a quiet day…


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The Lolita Blog Carnival prompt for this week was “A Casual Outfit for a Quiet Day.” I really liked this one so I decided to shoot a little video of some of my everyday activities.

Here’s a quick outfit rundown for the curious:

  • JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
  • Cardigan & Tights: Target
  • Bow: Handmade

This is the sort of outfit I’d wear while running errands and such too, it’s comfortable (full back shirring, a loose cardigan, and flats) and all offbrand, so I won’t feel as bad if I get something on it.

Check out the other lovely blogs that have done this post:

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In which she shares an outfit and some con swag…


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Things have been crazy for me these past couple of weeks. I’m in the midst of switching to a new job right now so things have been pretty hectic. I had heard about a small con in my area, Triad Anime Con, and decided last weekend that it would be a nice day trip to see some friends and shop a little and enjoy the general con atmosphere.

Daily Outfit March 14, 2014:



  • JSK: Handmade
  • Blouse: Meta
  • Bow: Baby
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Crown & Trunk: Hobby Lobby
  • Necklace: Charming Charlie

This was my outfit for the day! I was going for kind of a woodland princess look, I’m pretty happy with it! Plus, my outfit matched the hotel’s decor, so that’s a nice bonus.

triadswagI also picked up a few things! The beautiful brooch on the top left is from Victoria’s Clockwork Emporium! I have a few things from her now and they’re all lovely. I thought it would be perfect for a little embellishment on classic looks. The other two are from a shop I didn’t catch the name of! I couldn’t resist the little 1-up mushrooms, too cute! Also the ring glows in the dark! So cool.



I also picked up two prints from Magical Tea Time! I love her creepy/cute artwork and I was pretty indecisive about which piece I liked best. I need to find some fancy frames to put these on my wall in!

It was a nice little con! I’ll probably go for a day trip again next year.



In which she shares some recent outfits…



It’s finally started to warm up around here, it’s been so cold this winter! I don’t have too many outfits from the past month or two because of all the cold D: I do have a few though so here they are!

Daily Outfit January 15, 2014:




  • OP: ETC
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Blouse: Vintage
  • Flowers: H&M and Forever 21

I really need to do some experiments with lighting, I always end up taking outfit pictures at night. At any rate, just a quick comfy outfit in my fallback color scheme, pink and black.

Daily Outfit January 29, 2014:



  • JSK: h.Naoto Frill
  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Blouse: Meta
  • Wristcuffs & Shoes: Bodyline

A fancy outfit in white with little bits of red for a snowy day! It was a little perilous to wear my rocking horse shoes in the leafy snow though, I don’t recommend it.



And a bonus shot!

Daily Outfit February 2, 2014:



  • Skirt: Handmade
  • Blouse, Shoes, & Socks: Bodyline
  • Bow & Bag: Baby

Rainbow skirt! I love how it matches pretty much everything. Wore it with some pink this day.

Daily Outfit February 16, 2014:



  • JSK: Baby
  • Tights, Blouse, Flowers: Forever 21
  • Shoes, Bag, and Wristcuffs: Bodyline

Our annual Valentines meetup got cancelled for snow, so I went to tea with some friends instead! I got this dress just a few days before, I snatched it up for a steal! I coordinated it with some pink and green for a springtime feel :D …despite there being snow still on the ground.



In which she shares some new tights…


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weheartcolors1Just a little review today! I got a couple new pairs of tights from We Love Colors recently! Their white stripes in lilac and light pink nylon/lycra solids. The solid tights are a little softer and stretchier than the white striped ones, but both seem nice and sturdy! I’ve got a pair of the white striped ones in sky blue that have lasted me years so hopefully these are the same!

weheartcolors2I threw together a couple of quick coords to show you how they matched typical lolita shades. The pink ones are a pretty good match for a standard lolita pastel pink. A little on the blue side, but definitely a close match. It’s such a hard color to find in tights too! I wanted these for when skirts are shorter or it’s colder outside and I don’t want to wear my pink knee socks.

weheartcolors3Here’s the lilac stripes! Another pretty good match, they’re a little bluer toned but definitely not far off!

Their shipping was super fast (2 days!) and their check out was easy. Plus they offer tights in literally every color you could ever want so it’s great if you’re having trouble matching things. I’ll definitely order from them again!





In which she shares a tea dying experiment…


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cardi1I ordered a cardigan super on sale from Forever 21 a while ago and didn’t realize that it was going to be quite this neon!

cardi2I had snatched it up for a bit of yellow in my wardrobe (such a cheery color!) and especially because I thought it would look so nice with the simple, laid-back ETC styling of my Pippi OP. But obviously that bright lemon wasn’t really meshing with the nice gold toes in the print.


I looked around online but I couldn’t find too much about tea dying already colored fabrics. So I just took the plunge and figured it was a $10 cardigan and I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it didn’t work out.

cardi4But I’m pleased to say it did! It ended up the exact golden yellow that I wanted!

cardi5Here it is with Pippi again, looking all nice and matchy! I’m really pleased with the end result, I think I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of this both with lolita and casual clothes!


In which she talks about prints you warm up to…


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Sometimes I see a print and I know it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen and that I will one day hunt it down. Sometimes I warm up to a print over time after kind of a lukewarm attitude to it in the first place. But this time I made a blog post about how dumb this was, openly mocked it for months, and then developed a mysterious fondness because it’s just so weird and silly and somehow charming?


This is a very roundabout way of telling you all that I now own Meta’s ridiculous Typewriting Squirrels.

So stupid. And yet kind of charming? Maybe?



  • Skirt: Meta
  • Cutsew, Shoes, & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Socks: Sock Dreams

I even wore it out of the house! In the most toned-down coordinate I could manage. In truth though I really want to make a stupid fancy coord with it with like a lavender bonnet with little squirrels perched in it and some sort of super fancy blouse or something…maybe some tights with letters on them…punctuation themed jewelry…One day maybe!



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